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Welcome to WebVee Guide, home of the the most followed webseries magazine. Take some time to explore our reviews, synopses, videos and podcasts. We're celebrating summer this week, focusing on shows about travel, the outdoors, BBQs and warm lazy afternoons. We'll also be debuting our first book review in a segment we're calling "WebVee's Summer Reading." So send the kids to the park and remember: at WebVee Guide there's no such thing as "too early for daiquiris."

Today’s Feature:

Today's Feature

Could summer even exist without frozen cocktails? Let's drink along with YouTube's Mamrie Hart and hope we never have to find out!

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Drifter: Lonesome Highway

Drifter: Lonesome Highway

She’s back. She’s still a badass, but this time she has a nemesis who may be her equal – or better. Moving on from Ed and Emily’s trading post in Broken Road, the nameless Drifter (Vanessa Leinani) can’t seem to move on from trouble in the Second Civil War world. […]


Flying The Nest

Flying The Nest

Jess Valentine and Stephen Parry are 20-something Australians with a passion for travel and adventure. For the past year, armed with a Go-Pro camera and a selfie stick, they’ve been seeing the world and vlogging about it in their series Flying The Nest. From their native Oceania, to Asia, to the Caribbean Islands, to the United States and Canada, these two show their audience the must-see destinations in each location. […]

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Hey USA: Updated

Hey USA: Updated

Despite what the current TV programming might suggest, the soul of the travel show is not eating interesting food. It’s not meeting strange people. It isn’t even seeing fascinating sights. […]

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WebVee Guide At VidCon 2015

The WebVee Podcast

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A Writing Cheat-Sheet For Every Script Ever

Structure is a key component to every script. It’s an organizational principle, a guide that helps your script – be it a movie, a TV show or a series — stay on track and not get lost in its own mess of storylines and plots. Some might say that they don’t want to tell, “generic Hollywood stories. […]

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What Connection Does Theatre Have To Web Series

Web series are still in their infancy here in the UK and we are all waiting patiently to see the outcome of this new media revolution. Is it surprising then, to acknowledge a need to cross-breed this new medium with every other long-lasting and time tested method of storytelling? First it was television, with long-form web series testing the waters of online entertainment, but while TV is a monologue – platforms like YouTube continue to require a conversation. […]

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