3 Strikes

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By Jeff Siniawsky

“I really like umpires”, said no one ever. Players and managers argue with them, as fans we yell at them, boo them, heckle them. What we don’t do is put them in a headlock and throw them to the ground. But, that’s just what Megan (Sarah McLean) did, and it got her suspended from playing for her professional softball team. A pretty typical jock, it seems that softball is all Megan knows, and the only thing she likes. Now, to have her suspension lifted, Megan must undergo therapy for anger management issues. Part of that therapy is managing a girl’s high school softball team, if you can call it that. More like a collection of players random girls. Sarah’s suspension is indefinite; it will last until her shrink Dr. Corbin (Mary Passeri) says she can return to playing. Until then, as Dr. Corbin tells Sarah, if she swears, yells or gets those crazy psycho eyes she will get a strike; “one, two, three strikes AND YOU ARE OUTTA HERE”!

OK. We’ve think we’ve seen this before. A team of misfits and an issue ladened manager or coach – Mighty Ducks, Slap Shot, and Bad New Bears. 3 Strikes takes a different approach, though. The first season of nine episodes isn’t the story of the team dealing with adversity and coming together. Instead, the focus is on Megan dealing with her anger management in the face of the challenges and obstacles in her path, including Megan’s obnoxious, big­-mouthed nemesis Deb (Caroline Timm). The episodes are short format, two to three minutes each and mostly involve hilarious Megan’s sessions with Dr. Corbin. The doctor takes delight in irritating Megan, poking at her and trying to make Megan angry, pointing out Megan’s failings with the funniest and best lines in the show. You might even get the idea that Dr. Corbin wants to see Megan fail. Her office has a pool going on the fail date – April’s all taken except for Friday the 13th.

3 Strikes is a cute show and a fun watch. The girls on the team haven’t been given much to do yet, but personalities are emerging. The first season is all about Megan and Dr. Corbin. Their interaction is fresh and funny; Mary Passeri steals the show.

The first season is complete. Find out how long Megan can stay in the game. Watch the show, find out more about the cast, and score some cool swag ­ all on the 3 Strikes website!

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