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Meet Jenny.

Meet Paul, Jenny’s ex.

Meet Rob, Jenny’s other ex.

This is the story of their relationship. Yes, the relationship does involve all three.

3 Some is a sequel to the highly successful theatrical production created and written by Lisa Gifford. While a sequel, the web series stands on its own. You didn’t have to see the play to understand what is going on. The series picks up one year after The Night, when something old fell apart and something new was created out of the old. Jenny had been with Paul, now she’s with Rob.

3Some is a story of the chain of events triggered by a mistake. The show opens with Jenny (Lisa Gifford) on a business trip with her boss, leaving her boyfriend Rob (Euan King) feeling jealous and insecure. He doesn’t know the boss’s wife is with them and thinks that Jenny is alone with her boss. His mistake and misplaced insecurity lead to him a hook up with a woman that he brings back to the apartment he shares with Jenny. Rob can’t go through with it, and the hook­up departs, unintentionally leaving her panties behind for Jenny to come across after she returns.

That’s when all hell breaks loose. Jenny, having been hurt twice now by men she’s loved, flies into a rage. Rages subside, and in Jenny’s case, is replaced with absolute coldness to Rob. She will not listen to any of his pleas. It’s like a Hank Williams song. While Jenny and Rob are falling apart, Paul (Peter Halpin) returns to town after a year away.

Lisa Gifford is a wonderful storyteller. She tells this story through flashbacks, the present day, and mostly through the characters themselves. We learn that everything that happened was part of a critical path in which each event or occurrence was dependent upon the one before, going back to the night Paul and Rob first met Jenny.

As the story unfolded, I found myself changing how I felt about each of the main characters. While we can sympathize with Jenny at first, her continued cold­heartedness shows an irrational side. She refuses to show any forgiveness. Jenny’s not the victim she likes to think she is. Without her actions a year prior, what came later wouldn’t.

Rob becomes more sympathetic as the story is told. Yes, he’s been a cad, but we find that he truly loves Jenny. The insecurity he feels about Jenny being away with her boss in the first episode is probably the first time he ever felt that way. He’s trying, and her complete refusal to hear anything he has to say hurts him.

Paul, on the other hand, starts out as a sympathetic character. He’s struggling with accepting himself as a gay man and his love for another man. He’s incredibly downcast and lost. But, we find out that Paul is a mean spirited SOB.

While the acting of each of the three main players was superb, there was one scene with Paul and his parents (Annette Badland and Simon Fisher­Becker to the delight of Whovians) that was breathtaking. In the kitchen with his parents, Paul is right on the brink of coming out to them. His father, who has been silently reading the paper the whole time, simply glances over the top of his paper at his son. In that one glance lasting barely a second, you knew Paul’s father already knew Paul was gay and was waiting to see if he would go through with it. It was brilliant!

In the last episode there are a number of flat out WTF moments. In the end, the past catches up, and like a snake coiling around to eat its tail, comes back to consume the present. But, the story isn’t finished. There’s what happens next to be told.

Episodes of 3some can be seen on YouTube and FunnyOrDie.

Written and Directed by: Lisa Gifford
Executive Producers: Lisa Gifford, Elisar Cabrera
Producer: Carl Simons

By Jeff Siniawsky

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