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By Eli David

If our choices in life define us, the media we choose is in bold lettering.  To paraphrase the main character of High Fidelity, it’s what you like, not what you are like.  Favored books, shows, films and music often express the deepest parts of one’s character.  Across all forms of media, the content we choose creates a certain bond with others who enjoy it as well.  And often times, said bond can be so strong that it transcends the selected content itself.
The ladies of the book club in Bestsellers hail from different walks of life, providing a nice cross-section of dynamic personalities.  Zoe (Alice Barden, Blue Bloods), the tech entrepreneur, is willing to try anything, business concept or otherwise, to re-climb the corporate ladder.  HR consultant Jules (Dena Tyler, The Onion News Network), longs to duplicate her job’s success in her love life, though her natural independence hinders her from accomplishing or admitting that.  Ambitious travel consultant Taylor (Natalie Kuhn, Bioshock Infinite) wishes to be one of Fortune Magazine’s “50 Women to Watch” while exhausted and overworked accountant Abby (Catherine Curtin, The Naked Brothers Band) aspires to deliver the vote tally at the Oscars someday.  And Nina (Mandy Bruno, Guiding Light), the mommy blogger, simply wants her family to be happy and her writing to be read.  And for the person stalking her blog to knock it off.

The ladies assist one another through the difficult aspects of their professional and personal lives.  As they do so, their collective friendship and sorority take precedence over their thoughts on literature.  They talk and try to work through issues such as Zoe’s waning confidence or boosting Nina’s blog numbers, and keep one another grounded as they do.  And Abby… well, Abby often wishes someone else might read the book.

Written and created by Susan Miller and directed by Tina Cesa Ward, Bestsellers reunites the creative team responsible for the Streamy-nominated and WGA Award-winning series Anyone But Me.  The formidable duo has once again painted lush characters into a highly relevant and earthbound setting, and this time they’ve added a few more laughs.  Bestsellers features a charming and talented cast and is an engaging, character-driven story with heartfelt themes.

Check it out on  YouTube.

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