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Damn it Bleak! You are such a tease. You give me a great show, but only four episodes? WTF?? I need to see more of these characters! Maybe it’s a good thing creators Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan are in Australia and I’m in Florida, or I would be holding them hostage until they came up with more episodes.

Bleak  is the story of Anna (McLennan), a hapless woman who’s just lost her job and her boyfriend.  She shows up at her parents’ home, hoping for some sympathy from them. Instead, her mother just pours her another glass of the inferior champagne. Peopled with characters who are wacky but relatable, the two Kates have created a hysterically funny show that will certainly leave you wanting more. With a smile plastered on her face and eyes that are just a tad unfocused, popular Australian standup comedian Denise Scott is perfect as Noni, the mother you’re glad you don’t have – unless you happen to be a co-dependent alcoholic. Dennis Coard is Anna’s lumbering, depressed father who bonds with his daughter in an unusual fashion. Louis Corbett plays Anna’s teenaged brother with issues of his own. Rounding out the cast is Ming-Zhu Hii as Anna’s best friend, Fran. Will Anna win back her beau? Will her dad save the wattlebird? Will her mother run out of champagne? So many questions are left unanswered!

According to the show’s  website, it seems Bleak was originally planned as TV show, and then morphed into the web series. The show garnered several awards at the 2014 Melbourne Web Fest, and is an official selection at several more upcoming web fests. Ok, so we’ve met the characters, the situation has been presented – when can we expect more, Kate and Kate?

Watch Bleak on the Lead Balloon TV channel on YouTube – it’ll be the funniest 20 minutes you’ll spend all day!

By Susan Siniawsky


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