Cat Friend Vs Dog Friend

Posted by WebVee on June 16, 2015 in Archives


Many of us refer to our pets as our best friends, but have you ever imagined what they would be like if your dog or cat were actually human?

Boston comedy duo Fatawesome has some seriously funny videos depicting just that.  While Dog ​(Justin Parker) is overly affectionate, jumping all over guests, Cat (Jimmy Craig) is slinking around, giving dirty looks.  If you have ever been around either species, you will certainly relate to the various situations, and count yourself lucky that your human friends don’t behave like this.

Aw, your kitty is having fun playing laser pointer? Ha! See what kitty REALLY really thinks of that game.  In their portrayals,  Parker and Craig have captured the essence of their respective species.

Check out more of Fatawesome’s videos on their site. Show them some love on Twitter Facebook, too!
ps- Cat Friend vs. Dog Friend has even inspired a Dog Girlfriend vs Cat Girlfriend tribute. Check it out here.


By Susan Siniawsky

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