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By Kyle Price-Livingston

This one’s not a series. In fact, there’s only one video involved. The video in question, however, is of such high quality, has achieved so much success and recognition and plays a role in such an important cause that we wanted to include it anyway. Also, it’s pretty adorable.

On the surface, Catalogue is just another silly cat thing on the YouTubes. A young couple orders a bed set and it arrives, complete with everything pictured in the titular catalogue, including a brand new furry friend. They try to return the cat but the company won’t take him so…well, there’s your premise.

After a quick montage the couple decides their new kitty needs a friend, so they order a couch which arrives with, you guessed it, another cat! (Sidenote: part of me thinks that a company which sold furniture with matching cats would be kinda successful.)

While the video itself is only about 4 minutes long, the production values are quite high. The camera work and acting are excellent. The comedic delivery from creator Alana Grelyak is particularly noteworthy, although her co-star Kris Flanagan does a fine job in his own right. The music (also written by Grelyak) is pleasant and appropriate.

Most importantly, though, the popularity of the film has been used by the creators to jump start the website, which provides a listing of special needs animals who are looking for homes as well as support for those who already have an extra-special furry friend. It’s a fabulous cause, and worthy of more attention that it’s currently getting.

Catalogue has been well received. It was a finalist at the Catdance Film Festival and is being shown this week at Minnesota’s International Cat Film Festival, where it will contend for a coveted Golden Cat. The creators have promised to donate any and all proceeds they receive from the film to animals in need. So watch the video (on the YouTube or embedded below…from the YouTube), then head on over to and get involved!

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