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For the last “Adorables” issue I wrote about a video called Catalogue, about a furniture catalogue that sends cats to your house. The video starred Alana Grelyak and Kris Flanagan and was intended both to entertain and to promote the adoption of shelter cats by featuring adoptable kitties as characters. It was a great idea and it’s wonderful to see it carried through to fruition here.

With CATastrophes ​(directed by Michael Gabriele), the team has joined with Discovery Channel’s digital wing Animalist to build on the Catalogue model (so much so that Catalogue is actually presented as the first episode in the series). Videos still feature Grelyak, Flanagan, and a host of cute cats looking for homes. All episode titles still feature cat puns and wordplay. The sense of humor, fun and obsessive cat love are all still present and accounted for. Though plots don’t persist from episode to episode, we have seen at least one recurring character (FABRIZIO!).

Check out CATastrophes on their cool website, then do yourself and the world a favor and give some serious thought to adopting an animal in need. [cc]

By Kyle Price-Livingston



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