Chicos Angels

Posted by WebVee on June 16, 2015 in Archives

By Larry Watts

Based on the long running LA stage show parody of Charlie’s Angels, Chico’s Angels is over the top, high camp, and politically incorrect: a winning combination that had me choking on my coffee within 90 seconds.  It feels somewhat disrespectful to even be writing a review about this show because this sort of humor should be enjoyed, not considered. But I’ll do my best.

Our three heroines – Kay Sedia, Chita Patrol, and Frieda Laye (Oscar QuinteroRay Garciaand Danny Casillas) – are overseen by Bossman (Alejandro Patino) as they set out to solve mysteries such as  a rash of ceramic Chihuahua thefts from the lawns of East L.A., the kidnapping of one of their own, and a death threat on  the President… of the Elk’s Club. In little time we are aware of how ill-equipped these ladies are for their work, and as time progresses we discover how ill-equipped they are for practically everything.  Fortunately, no one involved attempts to strictly adhere to the usual “smart one – pretty one – sporty one” character devices, which allows everyone to grab at whatever shtick they stumble into with far more grace than they show whilst walking in heels.  It’s this anything goes approach that kept me coming back for more and now leaves me waiting anxiously for something new. Well, that and a morbid curiosity regarding tattooed eyebrows and shimmery lipsticks. (Okay, okay… AND another opportunity to see Ray Garcia: the hottest man in a dress since Jennifer Lopez.) 

Written as it should be, and directed by Kurt Koehler in exactly the way required for this sort of silliness, Chico’s Angels is a scream that is chock full of the sort of quips that should be quoted as often as lines from The Women.

Chico’s Angels can be seen at their website. And while you’re there, buy some swag cuz chicas gotta eat.

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