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By Kyle Price-Livingston

The internet is choc-full of stuff, there’s no question about it. There are so many people uploading so much content so frequently that it’s nigh unto impossible to find a genre of entertainment without some online presence. That being said, there are a number of categories that remain, shall we say, underrepresented, none more so than high quality serialized animation.

Animated shows often have staggeringly large staffs involved in their creation because, frankly, they are a metric f**ckton of work. The concept of creating a moving piece of artwork moment by moment is a little daunting, and then you have to record the dialogue!

Chilltown is the story of a group of people living in an urban neighborhood together, hanging out, working, chatting and generally living life. A hilarious cast of characters and personalities keep episode-mainstays G (Victor Cruz) and K Deuce (Wil Sylvince) on their toes, and gives them plenty to react too. The dialogue is definitely adult, as are some of the situations they find themselves in, but I appreciate the creators’ choice to take that risk.

I love surreality in my entertainment, and one of my favorite things about animation is that they can make it as wacky as they like (see: anything on Cartoon Network after 10pm). Writer/Director Leesa Dean is obviously a smart cookie who moonlights as a nutty nutbar, because a show featuring a disembodied pimp’s head in a box, distributing advice and pills (I want one! I want one!) is the type of thing only a talented but utterly crazy person would create.

The result is a thoroughly successful, entirely entertaining cartoon that I thoroughly recommend to everyone, be they members of the Adult Swim generation or not. Check out Chilltown on YouTube!


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