Chris Donahue Presents How to be a Man

Posted by WebVee on June 16, 2015 in Archives

By Susan Siniawsky

So I’ve just watched 6 straight episodes of “Chris Donahue Presents How to Be a Man” which, I guess, makes me something of an expert in manhood, and I’d like to share with you, the reader, exactly what I’ve learned so far.

Step 1: Set up a camera. Don’t worry, the camera doesn’t need to pan or zoom. A simple static background will do nicely.

Step 2: Come up with a relevant concept. This could be anything from “how to pick up women” to “how to Valentine’s Day.”

Step 3: Put on collared shirt.

Step 4: Stand in front of camera and attempt to teach your viewers about the topic in question.

Step 5: Say doofy, hilarious things until your friends stop you.

Step 6: Apologize

Step 7: Learn nothing from the experience

Step 8: Repeat

If this formula sounds lame to you I’ve probably done a poor job of explaining it (or you have no sense of humor at all) because the show is really really funny. Although we primarily only see our host Chris and his pseudo-girlfriend Samantha Reece, that’s really all we need. The camera doesn’t move because it doesn’t need to and, in fact, isn’t supposed to. This is a vlog. Not a “real” vlog like DailyGrace or OkNate, but it certainly embraces the same aesthetic.

What’s most important here is the Ultimate Clueless Dude character Donahue seems to have crafted (I assume he’s not like that in real life. Nobody could be, I hope…) and the dialogue and chemistry he has with Samantha. This may feel like a retread of the tired old sitcom trope of the beautiful, intelligent woman who is inexplicably dating a loser, but the show embraces that fact even as it pokes fun at the system it recreates.

Episodes are fairly short, usually not longer than 7 minutes or so. If you enjoy this (and you should) be sure to check out Chris’ other show on My Damn Channel, “Chris Donahue Presents Life Advice” though, if the life advice is on par with the manhood advice, I wouldn’t recommend doing anything this man says.

Check out this and more at My Damn Channel!

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