Dogs and Me

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Dogs and me

Never work with children or animals” is an old show business adage. Thank goodness Matt Rocklin didn’t heed this advice, or we wouldn’t have Dogs & Me, the fun comedy starring Rocklin and his two dogs, Jerry and Scarlett.

Out of work actor Matt isn’t just having trouble finding a job. He’s also in need of a girlfriend. Assisting him in his quest for both acting gig and female companionship are his two dogs, Jerry (voiced by Ray Plumb) and Scarlett (voiced by Petra Areskoug). These two mutts may be the chattiest canines since Family Guy’s Brian. Oh yes, only Matt can hear their constant chatter. They not only critique his acting, but also his dates. Jerry is sweet and encouraging while Scarlett is a bitch in every sense of the word. Rocklin’s good looks combined with his awkwardness make him a very appealing character. But it’s really the dogs who steal the show – maybe that’s why they get top billing. Rocklin’s comedic writing really shines when Scarlet and Jerry banter with him or each other, and Areskoug’s and Plumb’s voices really sell it. Special mention must be made on the outstanding performance by Stella, a female who tackles the male role of Jerry with the aplomb of Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love. 

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By Susan Siniawsky

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