Feathers and Toast

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Darling! Yes I am talking to you, Darling.  After watching Feathers and Toast  I have the uncontrollable urge to call everyone Darling, despite the funny looks I get. And although tempted, I must step away from the feather boas, no matter how flattering.  After all – I live in South Florida and don’t want to pass out from heat stroke. I’m content to sit back with a lovely glass of champagne and giggle at our girl Tallulah Grace as she tries to save the world one sandwich at a time.

Scottish mime and comedienne Mhairi Morrison has created a delightfully eccentric character in Tallulah Grace.  In the grand tradition of show within a show, Tallulah presents herself as a TV chef, but it’s awfully hard to make tasty food when pining away for a mysterious someone in France who won’t return her calls. Attired in hat and gloves, more suitable for a ladies tea party than preparing recipes, she puts forth a valiant effort for the cameras, but as soon as she hears “That’s a wrap”, Tallulah turns to cameraman Diego (Diego Torroija) for moral support and advice. In each episode of the first season, Tallulah crumbles a bit more while desperately trying to keep herself together.  The show’s second season finds Tallulah in a more positive frame of mind. The producers try to boost the show’s ratings by providing Tallulah with various guests.  The pretense of actually cooking something edible falls by the wayside as she plays hostess to a depressed fan, a mime, and even a cat. I mean really – a tomato soup sandwich?

Produced and directed by Holly Payberg (Turtle in a Party Dress), the cinematography and soundtrack give a vintage feel, almost like a 1950’s era TV show, which set it apart from other comedy shows.  One part Lucille Ball, a pinch of AbFab, and of course, a soupçon of Julia Child is the recipe for a fun and different series.  Go to feathersandtoast.com for more show info and don’t forget to take a look at the online shop. Watch the show on the Feathers and Toast  YouTube channel, Darling, where you’ll find beaucoup extra videos of Tallulah – including some of her live performances!


By Susan Siniawsky

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