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In  Firsts, creator Courtney Rackley has re-conceptualized the standard rom-com. She features the same characters and actors throughout, but each episode has a different writer and director, giving this funny, and sometimes raunchy, series a fresh outlook on the firsts that happen during a courtship.

Rackley’s Sally is 30-something and getting a bit desperate to find the right guy to settle down with.  She may have found Mr. Right in Dave (Dave Shalansky), but circumstances prevent their relationship from becoming permanent. Enter Chuck (Troy Ruptash).  In an atypical “meet cute” Sally and Chuck find that they may well be suited for each other. Sally’s not far off when she quotes Dr. Seuss “you’ve just got to find the crazy that matches your crazy and call it love.”

The episodes progress in much the same way a relationship progresses: first kiss, first f*ck, first I love you, etc. Just a phone call away is Sally’s best friend, Amanda (Rebecca Larsen). Amanda’s there for encouragement and advice – though, really, how much advice should one take from a grown woman who plays with Barbie dolls?

Of the first season episodes, “First Game Night” may be my favorite. Meeting Chuck’s friends for the first time, Sally’s lack of gaming experience is evident. Reminiscent of the cocaine scene from  Annie Hall, Sally proves to be the buzzkill, not of just the game, but probably of Chuck’s friendship with the group.

Providing the necessary continuity to the series, the pairing of Ms. Rackley and Mr. Ruptash couldn’t be better. Despite the varied writers and directors, their characters are believable and relatable. There is a genuine warmth and sweetness about these two characters that comes through in even the most absurd comedic moments.  

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By Susan Siniawsky 

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