Gary Saves the Graveyard

Posted by WebVee on June 19, 2015 in Archives Review


Gary’s not a bad dude. Really, he’s not. He’s out of shape, single, depressed, and prone to both distraction and overreaction, and he’s probably the least responsible person you’re ever going to meet, but don’t hold that against him, okay? He’s a well-intentioned sad sack of the highest order, so just give the guy a chance, huh? I mean, nobody else does. Nobody living, anyway.

Gary (Jim Santangeli) is newly divorced and newly employed as a caretaker at a local graveyard. He is startled to find that, at night, rather than lying peacefully in their graves, the dead get up, wander around, hang out and go on with their, for lack of a better term, lives. This is apparently because a broken “portal to the afterlife” (don’t sweat the details) is preventing them from moving on, and, if the reanimated civil war soldiers are any indication, has been doing so for a good 150 years.

Gary’s job, he learns, is to keep the gates locked so the dead don’t get out and terrify the populace/bring about the end of the world. So what does Gary do? He sneaks off to get drunk with his best childhood friend. But you can forgive him that, can’t you? I mean, they haven’t seen each other in 20 years (cause, you know, the kid’s dead)! Gary doesn’t mean to leave the gate open. This is just the sort of thing that happens in a life that seems governed entirely by Murphy’s Law.

Created, directed and co-written by Todd Bieber, this hilarious UCB comedy hasn’t yet garnered the acclaim (or view counts) it probably deserves, but you can help! Check out Gary Saves the Graveyard on YouTube and maybe spare a moment of pity for poor Gary. He means well.


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