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By Eli David

A nondescript man walks hastily into a public park bathroom.  He enters a stall, locks it and sits on the toilet.  He sticks his foot under another stall; it’s met by two others.  The man unlocks his stall and two others enter.  And that’s when the action begins.  Eventually, all three are swept away by the frothing, intense back-and-forth of their…fantasy baseball draft?

Owen (Comedian Owen Benjamin) is one of the few straight men in Gaytown, a fictional place where being straight is openly frowned-upon and ridiculed.  Growing up, Owen was beaten due to his preference for basketball over ballet.  As an adult, his preference for women leads to termination from his construction job.  His boyfriend Pierce (Payman Benz) is perpetually peeved at Owen’s lack of intimacy, but all Owen really wants is to live his life out of the closet as a straight man.  (They are a couple because Pierce insists upon it, and cries when Owen reiterates his lack of interest in men).

Gaytown injects humorous role reversal into the rarely-funny world of sexuality-based bigotry.  Its laughs are often intentionally uncomfortable, but originate from an empathy that makes them easier to take.  And a comedic presentation helps the show extend its reach while retaining its message.

Written By: Owen Benjamin
Directed By: Jesse ShapiroTodd Strauss-Schulson, Owen Benjamin, and Payman Benz

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