Good People in Love

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Landmark events often resonate throughout the communities they effect.  On July 24, 2011, the State of New York passed a bill that would permit same-sex couples to marry.  This same evening, Maxwell (Steven Alexander) and Carolyn (Heather Leonard) host a dinner party to announce their impending nuptials.  They had agreed to hold off until Carolyn’s sister Beth (Renee Olbert) can marry her girlfriend Anna (Megan Melnyk), but with the announcement of the bill’s passing only hours away, they see no harm in having the other couple, plus a couple of friends, over to dinner to share in their happiness.

“I believe in the partnership of a relationship,” says Sarah (Rachael Hip-Flores) as she helps Carolyn prepare for dinner.  Sarah’s chosen to stay single via laziness for the last six years, but still sees the benefit in committing to someone else.  Recent divorcee Scott (Jesse Wakeman) begs to differ.  “It’s all lies,” he tells her as they prepare for their friends to announce their engagement.  And with that exchange, they agree to, throughout the evening, prove one another wrong and, thus, we have our matchup of idealist versus cynic.  Sarah believes that everything the night stands for, with the gay marriage bill passing and her friends getting married, is all she needs to support her point.  Scott, however, sniffs some trouble in paradise regarding one particular relationship and, as he drinks and flails to make his point, sends the whole party south.

Good People in Love stands as a brilliant, emotional commentary on interpersonal relationships.  Prevalent are the strong, deeply developed characters that signify writer/creator Tina Cesa-Ward’s work, and the moments that unravel between them at the world’s most uncomfortable dinner party unfold several subtle yet poignant stories, each with its own experience to support it.  Sharp, robust dialogue adds a realistic effect to the piece, fleshing out characters, stories and themes that all hit close to home.  Nominated for Best Dialogue and Best Web Soap at the Rome Web Awards, check out Good People in Love on YouTube.

By Eli David

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