Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later

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Full disclosure: I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd.  I’ve read each book multiple times (I lost count somewhere circa round 3).  Seen all 8 films.  Logged countless hours on Mugglenet.com and The-Leaky-Cauldron.orgI’ve consulted the internet many a time to find out if Hermione ever graduated Hogwarts (she did), who raised Teddy Lupin (his grandmother), and whether or not Lavender Brown died in the Battle of Hogwarts (she did).  And, like many other writering Harry Potter nerds, I’ve long been curious as to the fates of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny (and everyone else) outside of the epilogue, and imagined more than one scenario in which the gang could have one more adventure.  So I can more than appreciate the basis for Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later, which explores that thought.

For those unfamiliar with Harry Potter, why are you reading this?  Seriously, go read the books.  They don’t take long and they’re fucking awesome.  Besides, they’ll put this show into context.  Anyways, just in case there are those of you out there, [SPOILER ALERT], the Harry Potter series ends when Harry defeats Voldemort, the darkest wizard ever and the asshole responsible for killing, among countless others, Harry’s parents.  In an epilogue, we see Harry and his family, happy and healthy at the train station as they wait for their kids to board the Hogwarts Express for their first day of school.  As is later revealed by author JK Rowling, Harry and his best friend (and now brother-in-law) Ron Weasley hunt dark wizards for a living like they always wanted while Hermione, Ron’s wife and Harry’s other best friend, works in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and fights for the rights of enslaved house elves.  Ginny, Harry’s wife and Ron’s sister, writes about Quidditch (the offical sport of the magical world) for the Daily Prophet newspaper after retiring from a career in the sport.  Seems like a pretty ideal outcome for the whole group.

But what happens in between the Second Wizarding War and the epilogue, placed 19 years later?  Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later offers an interesting proposal by placing us smack-dab in the middle of said time period.  It’s been years since anyone last saw a dark wizard and the Ministry of Magic is closing the Auror (Dark Wizard Hunter) Department, leaving Harry jobless.  Also jobless is Ron, who doesn’t seem to have found his way to his government career yet and has merely a string of failed businesses to show for it.  In his frustration, he leaves Hermione and becomes a hermit, smoking pot in an invisible tent in the woods while subsisting off of food he steals from campers.  Ginny, now a retired Quidditch pro and stay-at-home wife, is eager to start having children and Hermione, despite a successful career as barrister with the Ministry, has become bored with her routine of succeeding at everything.

Harry reconsiders his situation, realizing the mundanity of his adult life.  During a night of drunken foolishness with Hermione, he confesses an unrequited fondness for the more adventuresome days of their youth.  But, as anyone familiar with this gang knows, any Harry Potter story is going to involve some sort of adventure.

After losing his job with the Ministry, Harry comes across another offer almost immediately.  He’ll be working as a “Wiper”, cleaning the memories of any Muggles who happen to encounter magic, in keeping with the Statute of International Secrecy.  It seems simple enough, and though he’s a bit suspicious of his superiors, Stretch Scuzzington and Squat Stinkytits, it’s steady pay.  But soon after he starts his work, he begins experiencing strange mood swings and outbursts.  It’s almost as if Voldemort, whom once occupied a small space of Harry’s mind, has found his way back there.  But that’s impossible.  Harry vanquished Voldemort 10 years ago.  And if you haven’t by now figured out that all these events are likely connected and not coincidence, stop reading this and go read the fucking books!!!!!

Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later is a ton of fun for anyone familiar with the Potterverse.  Seeing characters we know and love in their quarterlife crises is uncomfortably funny, and may relate quite closely to viewers of a similar age, particularly if they started reading the books soon after their release.  I don’t know if Ms. Rowling ever would have included certain twists Ten Years Later offers (wait until you see Malfoy), but I’d like to think she and her fans would enjoy the humor behind them, especially easter eggs such as Ron’s Christmas sweaters and Harry’s Fantasy Quidditch team (featuring name drops like Chaser Katie Bell, Seeker Viktor Krum and former Gryffindor House Team Captain and Keeper Oliver Wood).  The meta-universe and self-acknowledging (and deprecating) jokes tie perfectly into the plot line, defining it as a fantastic piece of parody and comedic fanfic.

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By Eli David

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