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Some shows are a love letter to their environments. They sing the praises of the people and places that make their settings unique. From cool landmarks to the cute quirks of the local populace, these shows tell you exactly how much their creator likes the place they live.

HelLA follows this same formula, only it’s less a love letter than it is a suicide note. The traffic, the pretension, the uncaring clueless-ness (and borderline racism) of your average white resident, no failing goes unlampooned (not a word) in this witty, quick-hit comedy series. Creator/Star Rory Uphold clearly knows her way around LaLa Land (does anyone actually call it that?) and she’s had it up to here with the whole damn thing. There is, of course, no indication that she is thinking of moving away, probably because the biggest hallmark of an LA resident is that you hate living there, but you would never leave. Check this one out if you’ve ever been stuck in traffic on the 405 or, ya know, if you like funny shows. Either way.

Check out HelLA on YouTube or at OnlyInHella.com!

By Kyle Price-Livingston

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