Horror Hotel

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By Susan Siniawsky

good anthology series is almost like raiding the refrigerator after a Thanksgiving feast. You might just want to nibble a sliver of pie, or you may prefer to devour the leftover cranberry sauce, a turkey leg and a bowl or two of mashed potatoes. With an anthology you can watch one episode, or just go ahead and binge on the the whole series. Following in the footsteps of great anthology series such as Twilight Zone and Tales from the Darkside comes Horror Hotel. 

With just one look at creator Ricky Hess’ Horror Hotel, you realize it is definitely not the Ritz. Seedy does not begin to describe this place. It is no surprise that those who check in comprise a variety of rather shady characters. We meet aliens, androids, thieves, blackmailers, hucksters, and frauds. As the only recurring character, veteran actor James Edward Thomas plays Al Sharko, auto mechanic, fence, and all around no-goodnik. Writer Al Hess has scripted just the right blend of fright and humor for each episode. Although all episodes take place in the Horror Hotel, each story stands alone. In homage to its predecessors, each story has a satisfying twist at the end. It’s understandable that Horror Hotel  has been featured at many webfests since its release. We look forward to seeing more from the talented crew and casts assembled to create this series.

Check into Horror Hotel, where the vending machine only serves hot soda, the ice machine never works, and you never know who you might meet, on their website or on Hulu.


Horror Hotel Season1 Trailer from Debbie Hess on Vimeo.

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