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By Eli David

Kelsey’s (Nichole Yannetty) dating life is in a rut.  After a particularly bitter breakup with her now-ex-girlfriend, Shane, she’s unfurled herself from the ball into which she curled upon impact.  Now, with some help from her friends Samantha (Sharina Martin), Rowan (Brennan Taylor), and Tyrone (Daniel K. Isaac), she’s ready to re-enter the dating pool.  Kelsey’s so lovable, even her favorite store clerk, Leroy (Richard Bird), is willing to pitch in some chin-up advice.  Kelsey just needs to remember that re-entering the dating pool means wading, not jumping.  Otherwise, she’ll end up with a bloody lip.

As Kelsey’s friends heap advice upon her, she realizes she has to re-learn this “dating” thing.  She stayed with Shane for so long, she needs her friends’ coaching through simple activities such as cruising the bar or texting a potential love interest.  Kelsey also realizes she’s come to find those not in her circle bizarre, though she doesn’t do herself any favors by not leaving breaths between sentences on blind dates.  The fact that news of Shane’s new relationship reaches her does little to ease the situation, though if Kelsey were to simply calm down, as her friends coach her, she’d see that finding someone else in whom she’s interested may not be that difficult.  And she may not have to look too far to find it.

With Kelsey, creators Christina Raia and Kelsey Rauber (the show’s namesake) build a hysterical story with relatable emotions and themes around solid characters.   Samantha, Rowan, and Tyrone all play comfortably with each other, as well as Kelsey, creating a familiarity that engages its audience.  It’s no stretch, either, to compare Nichole Yannetty to film star and former SNL funny lady Maya Rudolph.  On-screen resemblance aside, her quirky charm and charisma can carry content the same way Rudolph’s can.  Said qualities fit quite snugly into Kelsey’s romantic misadventures as the show’s overall charm matches the effect Kelsey has on many of the women she meets.  Check out Kelsey at the official Congested Cat Productions website.


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