Kyles Favorite Shows of 2014

Posted by WebVee on June 19, 2015 in Archives

By Kyle Price-Livingston

Kyle’s Favorite Shows of 2014
(In No Particular Order)

1. Cooking with Dog: A chef takes psychic orders from a dog, who uses his influence to force her to cook delicious japanese food.

2. Wimpole Street: If they’d had the capability to make a reality show during the Victorian Era it would have looked something like this.

3. Shadow Bound: The perfect show to kick back and watch while waiting for the Deep Ones to rise.

4. Pantsless Detective: Noir is amazing, but it’s also ridiculous.

5. Wastelander Panda: Mad Max meets Kung Fu Panda

6. LARPs: The Series: The best written gaming show I’ve ever seen.

7. Future Duck: Look, I can’t explain it. Just watch the show.

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