Malice Metamorphosis

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Warning: spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen the first two seasons of Malice, read our earlier review and go catch up on the episodes. We’ll wait for you.

Alice Turner (Brittany Martz), our favorite teen heroine since Buffy, is back. More than a year after touching the face of evil, Alice’s life has returned to a semblance of normality. Mom (Leanna Chamish)  seems to have recovered from her ordeal and is enjoying marriage to Jed Spry (Matthew James Gulbranson), Gardening Guy.  Sister Abbey (Rebekkah Johnson)  is a college student home on vacation. High school is tough enough without being known all over town as “the girl who blows things up”. Considering her harrowing experiences saving her family, it’s understandable that Alice would need some counseling, and yes, medication too. Is it the medication that’s causing hallucinations of her dead father (Mark Hyde) dressed in Roman armor watching over her?

Alice also has nightmares. In her dreams she wakes in a grave-like hole in the ground in a forest. She too is dressed in Roman armor, armed with a sword. There are men gathered around a campfire who know her. They also knew her father. She is told there is a bloody battle coming and that she will lead them into this battle.  Her therapist’s (Michael Mack ) response to these tales is to increase her meds.

While hanging out with her sister drinking beer, Alice falls off the roof of her house and bumps her head. Whether tired from the beer or the bump on her head, she takes a nap amongst her late father’s military memorabilia. She awakens in the all too real woods of her dreams where she is attacked.  Mysteriouser and mysterioiuser. How did she get there and who is attacking her?

Through the masterful combination of writing, cinematography, sound and special effects, Malice creator Philip Cook has once again created a beautiful, but malevolent world that Alice Turner must defend. With the introduction of new characters – another girl (Cathryn Benson) who must also defend herself, and a sinister man (Dave Coyne) who is dumping the oil drums that Alice sees in her dreams – Cook keeps the story fresh and keeps us wanting more. With only a mere six episode series, Malice: Metamorphosis leaves many questions unanswered. Thankfully, Season 4 has commenced production. We may not have to wait much longer to find out the secret of the fireflies that seem to lead Alice to her destiny.

Watch Malice: Metamorphosis on  YouTube, or on its website.

By Susan Siniawsky

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