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Malice is described on their Facebook page as “Juno meets The Shining“. An apt description, but there’s so much more to this series created by Philip Cook. We are given a kick-ass heroine and a unique ‘antagonist’, some downright creepy special effects, and that’s just for starters.

The Turner family is struggling. Mom is a recovering alcoholic, Dad just returned from his duty as a Navy SEAL. The two daughters, Abby and Alice are seemingly typical angsty teens. Upon the death of Mrs. Turner’s mother and inheritance of her home, the family relocates.The house is big and lovely but situated adjacent to a cemetery, which gives the girls an uneasy feeling. Strange, inexplicable plumbing problems occur. We see from her daydreams that Alice, the younger sister, has quite an active imagination. Her sister and father don’t believe her when Alice tells them of a strange ‘ghost kid’ she has seen floating above the stairs, nor when she tells them that Mom was seen wandering in the garden at 2 am and now Mom is nowhere to be found. Does Dad know something the girls don’t? After a drunken shooting practice with his daughters, Dad also disappears.

What would most teenagers do with an empty house, no parents around, and eager to make friends in their new town? That’s right- party! Of course, every teen party has gate crashers – but assault weapons aren’t usually needed to scare them off. With the help of Jed, an old boyfriend of Mom’s, Alice learns of her mother’s past and how to save her family from the evil that is threatening them. She is one brave girl, and a damn good shot!

Brittany Martz is a wonderful Alice, the girl in the bunny hat with the machine gun slung over her shoulder. Kudos to the supporting cast, Rebekkah Johnson (Abbey Turner), Mark Hyde (Nate Turner), Leanna Chamish (Jesse Turner), and Matthew Gulbranson (Jed Spry) for bringing the rest of the characters to life.

We are excited to see that a third season of Malice is currently in production [Ed. Note – See our review of S.3 Malice Metamorphosis here]. Catch up with all the episodes on YouTube, and the Malice website (which also features some great swag in their store).


By Susan Siniawsky

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