Man Jam

Posted by WebVee on June 20, 2015 in Archives

By Kyle Price-Livingston

I used to be in a band. A couple bands, actually. I mean, we only played in public a couple times, and never for money, and we mostly just hung out and got high and jammed. But that’s still totally a band, right? Right?! I will take your silence to mean that the psychoactive drugs are finally quieting the voices in my head. Just know that if you were cool, like one of the dudes from Man Jam, you would have said “Hell yeah, bro! You were totally in a kickass band!” I wish you were cool like those dudes.

Man Jam is the story of 4 dudes who get together to rock out and escape the stresses of adult, domestic life and the terror of the rapid approach of middle age. As a married dude in my 30s who releases stress by shredding on the ukulele (in an extremely metal way, mind you) I can completely relate to this. Look, despite what we tell ourselves while growing up, the line between childhood and adulthood is so damn blurry that it may as well not exist. There is no magic point in one’s life where we are suddenly adults and don’t need to play anymore. That just doesn’t happen. But you know what? That’s a good thing.

Writers Boyd Vico and Matt Carmody (who created the show and also co-stars AND co-directs with Sandra McCurdy…damn, Matt’s busy!) have tapped into the spirit of my generation (I won’t say “zeitgeist” because my New Year’s resolution is to be less of a douche). Carmody’s band mates, Drew PowellJustin Wade, and Joe Pascual, are a diverse group of dudes, all representing various paths and stages of early adulthood. The “only separated” divorcee, the slacker living with his folks, the reluctant baby daddy, I mean, the gang’s all here.

The show looks and sounds great, and the decision to keep the episode lengths at around 3 minutes makes this a perfect bite sized comedy to consume as you go about the business of trying to convince yourself and the world around you that you are actually a serious adult. Check out Man Jam on their website, then open a beer and ask yourself how you let your life get so damn serious.


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