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There been a lot of different TV moms over the years; June Cleaver, Mrs. C, Lorelei Gilmore, Lois Griffin.  Now, meet Shari Peters (Saadiqa Muhammad). Shari is a single mom raising her overly precocious son Dylan (Samuel Caruana).  Shari has to not only deal with raising a son, she has a mildly unreliable ex, Corey (Joel Anderson), a job, and all of the chores and errands and work that a single parent has to do themselves.  On top of it all, Shari’s dating life hasn’t been all that terrific, or existent.  But, Shari is not alone in this endeavor.  With her are her best friends Dee (Jillian Reeves-Ortiz) and Leslie (Keena Ferguson). Moms is the story of these three friends, joined by Melinda (Marta McGonagle) banding together against the onslaught that comes from being Moms, sharing those things only girlfriends can understand.  
Saadiqa Muhammad has created a comedy that tells the story of these three Moms in quasi-documentary style where Shari’s character sometimes breaks the wall and talks to the audience.  The idea for Moms grew out of  Facebook posts Saadiqa made of funny things her own son said and did, and the things that happened during her day, a Mommy Chronicles.  Encouraged by her friends, she used those funny moments to springboard into creating Moms.

Moms may have come from Saadiqa’s posts about family life, but the real story is that of the friendship among Dee, Leslie, Melinda, and Shari.  It’s the story of the help and support and love that they give to one another.  The themes and situations are familiar.  It’s the inter-play among the friends where the show excels.  The dialogue in the scenes with Shari, Leslie and Dee is particularly quick, sharp and funny, and delivered easily and naturally by all three.  Pretty much all of Episode 4 attests to that.  Plus, in Dee, Saadiqa has created one of those unique TV characters, giving Dee some of the show’s best lines.

Two other things we really liked about Moms.  There’s Carl, who, well you just know this guy.  He can’t be shamed, and you can’t help but like him.  And, we loved the theme music written for Moms by the show’s director, Fred Thomas, Jr..  It has a sixties jazz vibe that’s familiar and contemporary at the same time, kind of like Moms itself.
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By Jeff Siniawsky

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