My Drunk Kitchen

Posted by WebVee on June 20, 2015 in Archives

My Drunk Kitchen

Attention thousands of college kids with cell-phone cameras (and most reality tv producers): Hannah Hart has discovered the recipe for a show about her drunken antics that is actually enjoyable to consume.  Here’s what you’ll need:


Host, preferably charming, witty and attractive. Make sure this person is a happy drunk.


Simple to follow skill. Note: The host need not actually possess the skill.




Gallons of booze

Combine these 4 simple ingredients and the end result is a show where lots of cooking happens but hardly anything gets cooked, where with each passing minute the food becomes more likely to meet with a catastrophic end and where 3+ hours of wasted work can be skillfully edited (by Ms. Hart herself) into 5 minutes that exactly capture the feeling of a fun, drunk evening with a good friend who has taken the burden of entertainment entirely upon themselves.

In an interesting side note, I’ve seen a bunch of episodes so far and each one has taken place in a different kitchen, and in at least 3 different countries. I’m not sure exactly how this has been accomplished (apparently, when you’re a succesful YouTube type-person, you are occasionally allowed to do something called “travelling”), but it keeps the look of the show fresh and gives Hannah extra material with which to work. Most of what she does is meander through a sort of stream-of-consciousness lecture (only vaguely related to the dish) punctuated by exclamations of surprise and frustration when things don’t go well. The lecture grows increasingly vague and disjointed as she gulps down a truly impressive amount of alcohol. The recipes don’t usually come out very well. Luckily for us, the episodes do.

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By Kyle Price-Livingston

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