My Ghost Sister and Me

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By Jeff Siniawsky

It’s easy to be cynical and to scoff. Put all of that aside when you watch My Ghost Sister and Me.  Jason O’connell has created a sweet little story, and when you understand how it came about, you can’t help but like his show.

Rosie Jenkins (Heather O’connell) is a young, teenage girl who lives with her divorced mother Susan
(Jason O’connell).  One night, a ghost visits Rosie.  The ghost is that of her sister, Amy (also played by Heather).  Amy died many years before and Rosie didn’t remember.  As Amy and Rosie are not surprisingly the same age, they become fast friends, playing, singing and dancing together when Amy visited.

The first series tells the story of Rosie and Amy’s bonding.  Rosie is a sweet girl, but she doesn’t seem to have any friends, at least none mentioned or shown.  In Amy, Rosie has found not only her sister, but also a friend.

Jason O’connell came up with the idea of My Ghost Sister and Me on the anniversary of his brother’s death.  Jason and his niece Heather came up with the idea of making a ghost in the bedroom horror video, and from there the story of a ghost sister took shape.  The first episode was written and shot that night.

In Season 1, we learn that Amy died in a horrific accident. Susan has blamed herself for Amy’s death.  Rosie tries to talk to Susan about Amy but Susan doesn’t want to hear anything of it.  Amy and Rosie go through an extraordinary step to prove Amy’s existence to Susan.  As Susan accepts Amy’s existence for herself, Season 1 ends with Amy going away.

Season 2 begins with sad, lonely Rosie missing Amy badly.  We see what having Amy in her life meant to Rosie and you can’t help but to feel some of her sadness.  When Rosie goes against her mother’s instructions and buys a Ouija board to summon Amy, she gets something else entirely, something she didn’t bargain for.  We learn that Rosie has some supernatural abilities herself and we’re taken deeper into the sometimes dangerous world of the paranormal and supernatural right through Season 3.

Is My Ghost Sister and Me a show that an adult might sit and watch?  Probably not.  But, it’s a show that an adult could watch with a kid.  The supernatural aspect may be the hood ornament, but underneath the hood (or bonnet) is an earthly story about love and loss and the importance of family.  You have to like that.

Creator/Writer/Director/Cameraman/Editor/Producer: Jason O’connell
Starring: Heather O’connell, Jason O’connell

You can watch more of My Ghost Sister and Me on YouTube and on their Website.

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