My Weekend with Meme

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Everybody has a mythical grandmother.”

So begins Nirina Ralanto’s charming documentary My Weekend with Mémé (Mon Week-end Chez Mémé).

Ralanto travels to visit the picturesque French village of St. Valérien to visit her grandmother Simone Capel, affectionately called Mémé, on the eve of her 93rd birthday. The two eat together and chat. They relax in the garden. Mémé does crosswords and plays scrabble, proud that she hasn’t grown too old to enjoy her favorite pastimes. Although Mémé declines her Nirina’s offer of a manicure, she eagerly enjoys learning computer skills. Mémé acts like all mythical grandmothers, dispensing advice and indulging her beloved granddaughter. In the most touching scene, the once girly Mémé reminisces about the love of her life, her late husband.

Creator Nirina Ralanto is a self-described renaissance woman, accomplished in music, art, and filmmaking, and there are plenty of reasons why you should watch her series. Watch it because you have a mythical grandmother who you should visit some time. Watch it because you never had a mythical grandmother and always wanted to know what it was like. And if your mythical grandmother is no longer alive, watch My Weekend with Mémé to conjure memories of her. Nominated for Best Family Series at Vancouver Web Fest, My Weekend with Mémé is available on Vimeo and YouTube. (In French with English Subtitles)

By Susan Siniawsky


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