Off Awful

Posted by WebVee on June 20, 2015 in Archives

By Kyle Price-Livingston

A web series about a white girl living in New York trying to make it as an actress? Excuse me while I roll my eyes. Actually, wait, this isn’t half bad. Abort eye-roll! Abort eye-roll! Shit. Quick, somebody google “how to get your eyes unstuck after rolling them too often.” I’d do it myself but I can’t see anything at the moment.

Sarah Jane Marek may be making a show that’s been made a dozen times before, but she has an advantage that sets her head and shoulders above the crowd: Sarah Jane Marek. Sarah Jane is smart, funny, quirky and, most importantly, self-aware, and that comes through in each and every episode of Off-Awful.

Look, the theater world is like a spinning disc made of craziness; the insanity gets more intense the further you are from the center. Seeing Sarah Jane stumble from ludicrous acting class to insulting agent meeting to frustrating head shot session is funny, but the candor with which the star and director relates personal experiences evokes a level of sympathy and even empathy that is all-too-often missing from these types of shows. I can’t say for sure that any of this stuff really happened to her, but it sure feels like it did!

The series may not be breaking new ground, but our storyteller is likeable, the writing is strong, and the acting is stronger, and that’s all any of us really have a right to ask for. Hey! Don’t roll your eyes at me! That’s mine! I invented that! The show is fun, I promise!

Check out Off-Awful on its website or on YouTube!


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