Pat and Myra Kill Somebody

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By Susan Siniawsky

My first real job was selling art supplies. It was a family-run business, but not my family. It was a pretty good place to work with one exception. The owner’s son-in-law was a royal pain in the ass. No matter how busy we were, everything had to be put on hold when Jack appeared. We were set to reorganizing shelves, cleaning and vacuuming, all while orders piled up. One day while I filled a huge order, Jack arrived and told me to start vacuuming. He must have caught me on a bad day. I told him where he could stick his vacuum. I quit my job and stormed out. Throwing Jack in an open sewer was just one revenge fantasy I had while standing in the unemployment line. Wanting to exact revenge for being wronged is pretty common. It’s when one tries to act upon that desire that trouble is bound to start.

The Energreen Corporation is killing the environment. At least according to Pat (Tim Fairley) it is. So he is going door to door with his petition to save the environment by getting Energreen to stop production of a processing system that “will kill the world and ruin the future”. Pat isn’t having much luck getting anyone to sign until Myra (Libby Schap) sees what the petition is for, opens her door and invites him in. Pat appears slightly leery of this eye- patch sporting, bewigged woman and her house decorated with an over abundance of religious items. But he accepts her offer of help, and Myra proceeds to forge signatures for the petition as Pat reads names from the phone book. Myra then informs Pat that he must deliver the petition in person to the CEO, Angela Derring-Downey (Becky Schap). A woman who is “like a Hitler Judas Lindsay Lohan – we should just kill her” says Myra. Surprisingly, Pat agrees.

Each of them has a different motive for the murder. Myra once worked with Angela Derring-Downey at Energreen. It seems that Myra was being groomed for the job Angela now holds, but they needed someone to be the “face” of Energreen, and Angela was chosen. Myra wants her to suffer. Pat’s motive is simpler. He wants to make a statement about Energreen’s destruction of the environment. He also doesn’t want to get caught.

The two try to deliver the petition to Angela, but her social media obsessed secretary, Trish (Tina Marie Sheehan) won’t let them in. Coincidentally, Angela Derring-Downey happens to be looking for a new assistant. During his interview Pat is fed answers through an earpiece by Myra. He is hired after his references (all Myra, of course) give him the highest recommendations. Myra disguises herself as a janitor so she can also have access to the Energreen offices. What better place to hatch the perfect murder plan than in close proximity to the intended victim?  What Myra doesn’t expect is to meet someone else who wants Angela Derring-Downey dead.

Clearly drawing inspiration from classic movies, including Psycho and The Wizard of Oz, Myra imagines many ways to do away with her nemesis – all of which are deemed impractical by Pat. They finally agree on the perfect plan, but you’ll have to watch the show to see if they succeed.

Pat and Myra Kill Somebody is a delightfully quirky black comedy. In a show like this, there’s a fine line between just right and over the top and writer Dan Schap (yes, he’s brother to Libby and Becky) and director Seth Halko get it just right. He’s given us flesh and blood characters. The awkward, intense Pat and the wacky, but equally intense Myra are perfectly matched misfits with the same aim.  Just enough mystery is maintained to keep us interested: what was the real cause of Myra’s eye injury and what, if anything, does it have to do with Angela Derring-Downey?  Luckily we don’t have to wait long for Season 2 – it’s set to premiere on June 13th .  Meanwhile, catch up on Season 1 of Pat and Myra Kill Somebody on their website.

Season 2 Update [warning: spoilers ahead]
When we last saw Pat and Myra at the end of the first season, they had indeed succeeded in killing someone. Unfortunately the wrong person fell victim to their plan, which puts quite a strain on their friendship.

Myra secures a position as Angela Derring-Downey’s secretary, all the better to keep her unpatched eye on her target. Myra continues plotting her wild schemes, this time with her new partner in crime – Angela Derring-Downey’s womanizing husband, Jack (Matt Farina). None of her suggested scenarios are deemed acceptable by Jack. When tempers begin to fray, Myra once again turns to Pat, revealing Jack’s murderous intentions.

As in the previous season, we’re treated to imaginative opening sequences, this time with superheroes, vampires, and even an animated parody of Scooby-Do.  We still don’t know what really happened to Myra’s eye, but it seems inconsequential in light of the other goings on.  If you thought the end of Season 1 was a shocker, wait until the finale of Season 2!  Now we need a third season to clean up the fine mess Myra and Pat have gotten themselves into.  Watch the complete series on YouTube!

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