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By Milo D’Amico

Psychologist Eric Brof (Paul Goddard) builds a team of prisoners to interact with the outside world through the internet, in an attempt to rehabilitate them. This dry, witty social experiment will keep you laughing from beginning to end.
Created and Directed by award-winning storyteller Tim Stone and Jackson Juliani, PrisonPals follows the naïve Psychologist Eric Brof (Paul Goddard) as he sets out to rehabilitate 6 lucky prisoners of his selection. Brof teaches the inmates all about the internet and social networking, while they teach him a few things about life.  The skeptical Warden JP Castell (Jim Cairns) constantly gripes and reminds Brof why the inmates are isolated from society and may be one of the funniest characters other than creator Jackson Juliani’s character, Andre. The self-obsessed, sex-addicted Andre Marcelas embraces Brof’s plan, seeing it as a way to meet women and watch raunchy internet videos. Andre takes full advantage of Brof’s program in episode 4-Visiting Prison when he has a hilarious sexual encounter with an ex-lover.
The eight part comedy web series, which launched in October 2012, was filmed in Geelong, Australia. The launch, accompanied by a live broadcast from solitary confinement, enabled viewers to watch the show and chat live with the prisoners on the program.
Since graduating from University of Tasmania’s School of Art, creator Tim Stone has gained a wide range of experience in web television production; embodied by his YouTube video “Why Athletes Should Wear Pants”.
Co-Creator Jackson Juliani studied Theatre Arts at Curtin University (Perth), Physical Theatre at John Bolton’s School (Melbourne) and Film and Television at the Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne). Preferring to create and perform provocative projects that engage audiences in innovative ways, he was a key partner of pvi collective and responsible for Terrorist Training School, Reform and Resist.
Jackson has been awarded grants by state and federal funding bodies to write and perform in physical comedies such as Post/man – based on Chaplin’s Modern Times and How to become a Better Person – based on Dickens’s Ebenezer Scrooge. He has also played Marizio in Street Smartz 2 (Channel 9) and performed with Barking Gecko Theatre and Black Swan Theatre Companies

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