Single and Dating in Vancouver

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While watching Single and Dating in Vancouver  it suddenly occurred to me that I’ve been married longer than I was single. Then I got to thinking about dating in the pre-internet age and how different it was. No, no Tinder, no Facebook or Twitter – how did people ever get together? We had well meaning friends and relatives who’d tell us “have I got a girl/guy for you!” and sometimes we’d agree to a date, only to realize that person was totally not the girl/guy for us. We’d meet at bars and realize on the first sober date that, no, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with this person, much less the next ten minutes. 

So – are millenials really that much different when looking for love? Apparently not, and creator Troy Mundle proves it in the funny and very true-to-life Single and Dating in Vancouver Except for local references, this series could be Single and Dating in [Name Your Hometown].  The well drawn and relatable characters are just like people you know: Mundle as Troy McMaster, good guy looking for love, Michael Goudge as Micheal Robinson, laid back Lothario to whom the idea of monogamy is anethema, Chad Riley as “Chadillac” Mayweather, single dad and wannabe real estate mogul; and last but not least Sheri Rabold as the sexy, smart Sheri Wilson, sick of deadbeat dates who wear backwards baseball caps.

 A competition among the four friends spurs them on to take more risks in their search for the perfect mate. Each episode of Single and Dating in Vancouver will have you laughing and nodding your head in recognition of these dating situations. Mundle’s writing keeps the concept fresh, and the cast’s outstanding performances are spot on. The series has earned its well-deserved place among the nominations in many  web festivals for best comedy. Listen to the interview we had with the cast at the 2015 Vancouver Web Fest. 

Watch  Single and Dating in Vancouver  on YouTube or on its website, where you’ll also find lots of great info about the series and its cast and crew! 

By Susan Siniawsky

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