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By Eli David

Brady (Sean Robinson) is a writer.  Always has been, always will be.  Writing is his love, his interest, that for which he cares most.  Which is a big part of the reason for his doing the show (and the entire reason for the show-opening rant).  Upon discovery of a death sentence in the form neck growth that won’t stop “secreting toxic shit” Brady decides to do things he’d never do otherwise.  He’s going tackle his fear of heights by riding the highest roller coaster he can find.  He’s going to leave the page behind in favor of documenting his remaining days on film.  He’s intent on experiencing as much of life as he can before his ends, even if he’s not sure how to experience that.

Brady’s closest friends, down-to-earth and honest Em (Danielle Reverman) and slightly depraved 8th grade teacher Elstro (Derek Elstro)  have wildly differing outlooks on Brady’s terminal condition.  Em seems wary of her friend’s attitude, worried for some of the rash decisions he might make in the wake of his news.  She’s determined to support him out of loyalty, and go along with his wishes, realizing that it will be the last time the two spend with one another.

Elstro maintains a nihilistic optimism, even enthusiasm, when faced with Brady’s impending doom; he encourages Brady to aim higher than roller coasters and reality shows.  As the friends discuss Brady’s possibilities, the concept for the show itself unfolds – they’ll tackle “fuck it” list of anything and everything they want to make sure they do before they die.  Drugs, tattoos, women, wrestling, women wrestlers – none of it is off the table.

As the friends (and Brett, the cameraman) tackle the “fuck it” list, the experiences are complicated first by interpersonal drama normally involved in death-related stakes, then even further by increasingly unusual occurrences surrounding Brady.  Bizarre weather phenomena surround his kiss with young widow Caroline
(Sam Migliozzi) after she provides an opposing perspective on Brady’s mission.  He sees visions of a limo crash moments before the limo he’s in actually crashes.  He shows an uncanny super strength (after getting his ass kicked) when facing off against Elstro in a martial arts dojo.  And they all seem to relate to his condition.

Named for writer/creator/director/star Sean Robinson, TeleviSean is a completely unique series.  What begins as a dramatic mockumentary centered on Brady’s illness turns sharply into a friendship story revolving around the “fuck it” list before seamlessly transitioning to a superhero origin story, all while maintaining each of its established elements.  Strong performances by the cast carry the documentary style narrative, helping to sell the super-powered events in a terrestrial setting.  A compelling, stand-alone series that expands on and defies genres, check out TeleviSean on the show’s website!


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