The Accidental President

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accaccidental-presBy Kyle Price-Livingston

There is an old saying about politics in this country that I’ve heard phrased a handful of different ways throughout my life. It basically goes like this “Anyone willing to go through what it takes to be elected President of the United States is unworthy of the position.” There is some debate about whether this is a scathing indictment of our political process or a depressing summation of human nature. Personally, I like to think it’s both.

If the above sentiment is true, then the version of our nation which exists in LeftBrainTV’s The Accidental President may actually be in luck. Abigail Adams (Sarah Shoemaker) is just a regular doctor, living a regular doctor life. Our story opens just after a funeral is held for Abigail’s sister, Priscilla, a US Senator who dies in office. Abby is shocked to learn that she is her sister’s choice to succeed her and serve out the rest of her term in the Senate. Abby reluctantly agrees so that she can cast vote on an upcoming bill which was important to her sister. And that’s when things get interesting.

First, the President dies in a skiing accident. Minutes later, the Vice President chokes to death. Now normally, when this happens (not that it ever has) the next in line would be Speaker of the House, but Speaker Jernigan (Tiny Lister) dies while being sworn in leaving freshly sworn-in Senate President Pro-Tem Abigail Adams as the new President of the United States.

Writer/Director Joe Thomas has spoken before about his vision for television shows on the internet. The Accidental President, with its professional polish, phenomenal acting (particularly from Shoemaker and Terry Kiser) and 20-minute episode length, is a summation of that vision: TV-quality entertainment available online directly from the producers.

Check out The Accidental President on Vimeo.

The Accidental President Trailer from Left Brain TV on Vimeo.

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