The Adventures of Suzy Boon

Posted by WebVee on June 20, 2015 in Archives

By Kyle Price-Livingston

There are many people in the world who deserve a good kicking. Few of them receive it (this fact may actually contribute to how much they deserve said kicking). Then there are perfectly nice people who endure an eternal succession of kicks for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Suzy Boon (Kura Forrester) is one such person.

The hapless heroine of The Adventures of Suzy Boon isn’t a bad person, she just has a habit of syaing exactly the wrong thing in precisely the wrong way at the wrong time entirely. She tries way too hard to make friends and be likeable. Her face appears to be stuck in what she thinks of as a pleasant smile, but is actually a look of mild disgust. She seems reasonably intelligent…I mean, she’s no genius, but she’s not a complete moron, either, so there’s no reason to believe she couldn’t handle her duties as an immigration officer. And yet, none of the other employees can quite bring themselves to like her, and that unfortunately includes her boss (Yvette Parsons). Suzy lives at home with her father (Charles Chan), who seems to have a genuine affection for her, yet even he can’t keep himself from piling on. She’s a magnet for other people’s irritation. Did I mention she dabbles in online dating? I’m sure you can imagine how that goes for her. Did you guess that it went as badly as everything else in her life? WRONG! It’s actually even worse!

Forrester is brilliant, combining the mugging of Jennifer Saunders (Edina in Absolutely Fabulous) with the awkward sweetness of Michael Cera (Michael Cera in Literally Everything). Her comedic timing is spot on, which is particularly important in this series, as she is asked to carry basically every single scene. The rest of the cast does a fine job, but they’re all playing Abbott to Kura’s Costello. Keep an eye on this one, she’s going places.

In some ways, this show is the opposite of Seinfeld. I don’t mean to suggest that it isn’t funny, because it really, truly is. I mean that Seinfeld consists of a basically amoral, almost unlikeable lead and the writing is so good that you tune in to laugh at his failures. The Adventures of Suzy Boon has a lead you can’t help but like, and the writing is so good you end up laughing at her failures anyway. I wish good things for Suzy, I really do, and if the show (only 1 season in) ends with her miserable and alone I will be very upset with Creator Roberto Nascimento (who also wrote the series, along with Louis Mendiola and Thomas Sainsbury) and Director Cristobal Aruas Lobos, but until that time, I hope the kicks keep coming.

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