The Most Popular Girls in School

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By Kyle Price-Livingston

It isn’t enough for a toy to simply be a toy. These days you need accessories, you need function (Can it talk? Does it have a kung fu grip?), you need other toys that interact with the first toy. If you can possibly manage it, you need a cartoon or videogame tie-in. In short, you need a whole toy universe.

When Barbie launched in 1959, none of this was necessary. All you needed was a doll, a dream and the beginnings of an unhealthy body image. Over the next 65 years, the people at Mattell have done their best to keep the doll relevant, and in so doing have created one of the largest and best-known universes mentioned above. Barbie has jobs now (with matching outfits), she has a car (with matching outfits), she has a place in Malibu (with matching outfits), she has friends, a sister, pets, and a soulless eunuch to do her bidding (with matching outfits). She has multiple cartoons and videogames under her impossibly tiny belt. She is the most popular doll in the world. Pretty good for someone whose sole superlative is “has the most stuff.”

Written by Carlo Moss and Mark Cope (Mark also directs the series), The Most Popular Girls in School asks the question “What if the vapid, spoiled, nearly-soulless dolls from Barbie-type universes went to high school together and treated one another the way vapid, spoiled, nearly-soulless people do?”

It’s a hilarious premise, and I am happy to report that the execution of said premise is equally hilarious. The dialogue is basically Mean Girls-meets-The State. Equal parts satirical and raunchy. The voice actors do a great job with their dumb popular kid voices, and the dead eyes and fixed expressions of the dolls makes it all that much better.

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