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Posted by WebVee on June 20, 2015 in Archives

By Amy Marie

Speaking from the point of view of someone who has been in a long committed, yet unmarried relationship, I understand the rut, not that the rut is a bad thing.  Some ruts break people up, many keep others together.  Sadly, several ruts may even get ignored (I don’t recommend that); the important step is figuring out The Next Steps. The Next Steps is a humorous attempt at portraying the “ups” and “downs” of a long-term romantic relationship.  And, although I am fairly certain it is much more fun watching Beth (Lindsey Doolen) and Chris (Anthony Fanelli) go at it, we could all use a little more comedy where there is already far too much drama.

Beth and Chris are like two peas in a pod, they make the “ups” and “downs” seem way too much fun to miss.  With plenty of sarcasm and endless amounts of making fun of each other, where could anything go wrong? Wait…

DISCLAIMER: This a fictional couple, WebVee Guide does not promote, affiliate, or condone the use of sarcasm to solve any problems in your relationships.  In fact, sarcasm and/or making fun of your significant other is known to cause extreme grief and we DO NOT recommend the use of any such tactics!*

Phew… now that we got that legal mumbo jumbo out of the way… I do advise anyone who seems a little tight-assed about his or her relationship to watch this funny bit.  Created by Anthony Fanelli, and (presumably) using material from his previous relationships (and if it’s his current, that takes guts!), The Next Steps addresses the seemingly ridiculous fights we’ve all had in relationships, while still keeping it light. And, though nothing ever gets too ugly and dramatic, the value is clearly evident:  whether watching harmless conversations over Ryan Gosling’s athleticism (episode 1) erupt into an argument, or deciding who to ask to take a picture of the happy couple in the park (episode 4) without getting into an argument, having comical banter can be reality.  Oh wait…it is.  I do have to mention Chris Huse (Bill) and Amanda Blake Davis (Angie), who play Chris and Beth’s “married couple” friends, because their performances in “Wedding Bet” (episode 6) and “Post Wedding Chat” (episode 7) are so funny and spot on, my review would just be bad if I didn’t credit them.  So, there it is.

NOTE:  What I’ve learned is, if you can’t have fun with the person you are dating or you turn small bumps in the road into huge mountains, maybe you’re in more than just a rut and if you need help getting out so tune into The Next Steps, featured on YouTube or Webisodes Network. You’ll be glad you did.  And, for Cupid’s sake, people, laugh at the rut, and then follow up with serious analysis! Oh, and hey…I’m not a relationship expert, I just play one, occasionally.

*See also: Our Mr. Kate instructional video 🙂

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