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Posted by WebVee on July 12, 2015 in Archives

By Eli David

Nerds run the internet.  They run lots of things, but as the web was once a source for research and academic materials, nerds were here first, so they get to run shit.  As use of the web has grown, its users have become increasingly aware of that fact, which has changed the word “nerd” itself from an insult to a matter-of-fact characterization.  The term’s once pejorative connotation has since become somewhat flattering, if still a tad self-effacing.  Complete and total nerddom is now a source of price and, as such, it makes perfect sense to center content around interests such as comics, video games, and hot girls.
Valerie Lapomme (Hannah J. Spear) has been YouTube’s Sexy Nerd Girl since 2010.  She vlogs on a variety of topics, from comics to movies to dating tips, occasionally inviting her platonic friend Guy (Adam Christie) to get in on the fun.  In Versus Valerie, we get to see what life is like for the Sexy Nerd Girl outside the confines of the world wide web.

Much like her vlogs, Valerie’s life is consumed by her games and comics-focused imagination, though that doesn’t stop her from occasionally thinking with her stomach and/or vagina.  She revolves her schedule around said games and comics, and scopes potential love interests based on their own level of nerddom, all while the events in her life play out like tasks in a video game, complete with animations to highlight objectives and identify completed goals.  With this approach, she can set up Guy with “Comic Book Store Girl” Lyra (Julia Hladkowicz), hang out with cute dork Craig (Bob Banks), and still make it to Guy’s house to share an apologetic pizza with him. So she has to retrieve her phone from a one-night-stand’s house?  No problem; she can just stack a few garbage cans Tetris-style and scale the balcony like she’s in Call of Duty.

Versus Valerie plays as an ideal piece of nerd-focused content by perfectly meshing comedic conflict with plot points highlighted by its gamer style.  Spear and Christie share great chemistry as Valerie and Guy in both the series and the vlogs.  Each episode draws its inspiration directly from a source of nerd content, such as zombie movies and PvP (player vs. player) games, and each trope is done justice as Valerie follows the established steps to achieve her goals with a meta-acknowledgement of the homaged genre and asides straight out of her Sexy Nerd Girl vlogs. And like any good nerd show, Versus Valerie features a ton of extended universe content offered through the Sexy Nerd Girl website and YouTube channel.  Winner of Best Direction at the 2014 Indie Series Awards and Best Actress at the 2014 IAWTV awards ,check out Versus Valerie, and all the other Sexy Nerd Girl content, on YouTube. 


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