Yid Life Crisis

Posted by WebVee on July 12, 2015 in Archives Review


Oy veh! So these two mavens (and mensches, according to their bubbes) have the chutzpah to make a web show and speak only Yiddish!

Noshing their way through the delis of Montreal, creators/stars Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman kibbitz about where to find the best bagels in town, debate the merits of schmaltz, and disagree on the best way to eat that purely Canadian delicacy – poutine. Don’t worry – the show is subtitled, so you won’t miss a thing.

For the uninitiated, Yiddish is a language that blends German and Hebrew. It’s spoken primarily by grandparents and orthodox Jews of Eastern European descent. Some say Yiddish is a dying language, but in Yid Life Crisis comedians Elman and Batalion are doing their best to keep it alive. Obviously influenced by Larry David, and with a touch of My Dinner With Andre (had Andre been obsessed with food), Yid Life Crisis delivers a lot of laughs in each episode.

You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this web fest favorite. Check out the Yid Life Crisis website and watch the subtitled (in English and French) show on YouTube. It’s a mechaieh!

By Susan Siniawsky

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