Zombie With a Shotgun

Posted by WebVee on July 12, 2015 in Archives Review

zombie with a shotgun

All day long all I hear about is how great this Zombie show is or how wonderful that Zombie show did that.  Zombies, Zombie, Zombies!  How does a Zombie show get noticed with that big, successful Zombie show on TV?  Well, maybe amid all the Zombie clutter out there, you do need to be the New Jan Brady.

Zombie With A Shotgun doesn’t need to don a black wig, but show Creator and Director Hilton Ariel Ruiz does present a different take on the usual Zombie story.  In a post Zombiedelicized world Aaron (Braeden Baade) and his girlfriend Rachel (Lynnea Molone) are on the run.  Aaron has been infected with the Zombie virus.  Rachel is in denial about what’s happening to Aaron.  How was he infected?  Could it have been intentional?  As Aaron and Rachel try to get to her uncle’s so Aaron’s sickness can be addressed, Aaron, with his shotgun, struggles to protect Rachael and himself from external forces human and not so human while the Zombie virus attacks him from within.   His body seems to be resisting the virus; it’s at least slowing down his Zombification.  Ok, his face is beginning to rot, but he didn’t instantly become a Zombie.  And he hasn’t tried to eat Rachel.  Can he last, and for how long?

Zombie With A Shotgun is a dark and gritty view of one couple’s struggle in a post Zombie apocalyptic world.  As Aaron protects Rachel from foes both human and Zombie, tension grows between them as the effects of the virus on Aaron mount.  The cinematography presents the dark world they inhabit and the minimalist approach to dialogue (episode 2 was almost dialogue free) helps to heighten the tension.

Catch the first five episodes of Zombie With A Shotgun on Vimeo!


By Jeff Siniawsky


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