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It’s possible to do a zombie comedy, but it surely isn’t easy. While films like Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland and Fido have pulled it off successfully, I had yet to see a web series come close; and then I saw Zomblogalypse.

Some might find it implausible that there could be anything to laugh at during the fall of civilization. Believing what I do about people, about gallows humor and about the cathartic release of laughter, I find humorless features like Night of the Living Dead and 28 Weeks Later to be far less believable.

Zomblogalypse is the story of 3 roommates sharing an apartment during the end of the world. Society has crumbled, but not in the “total and utter devastation” way that is so often depicted in these situations. The electricity is still on, stores still have things on the shelves and the roads are more or less drivable. Thus, while their lives are indubitably much worse than ours, Hannah (Hannah Bungard), Tony (Tony Hipwell) and Miles (Miles Watts) live a surprisingly comfortable life. Hannah has become a miserable shut-in, yes, but her main problems seem to be boredom and frustration with her cohabitants. She starts her blog as a way to stay sane, and the other two join in because it seems like fun. All three of them are terrified of zombies, of course, but to Miles and Tony the whole thing is also more than a little funny.

Part of this is due to the type of zombie involved. Recent years have seen the rise of the fast zombie, a departure from the shambling hulks of the George Romero films who are more than capable of running a human down. They are terrifying, but not much fun. These zombies are slow and fairly stupid, although they do seem to have certain selective intelligences. One of them, for example, can start a car, but can’t quite figure out how to drive it properly.

What makes this show so fun is that, like in the successful films mentioned above, it captures the essential playfulness of humanity, the irrepressible joy in life which truly separates us from zombies. Well, that and our lack of insatiable brain-lust. These characters aren’t necessarily the sharpest knives in the drawer (the boys, in particular, are a special brand of lovable idiot) but they’re doing their best, damnit! After long periods of time trapped in a tiny apartment, who could resist the urge to tie raw meat to their legs, go to a park and tease the undead?

This show is fun, funny, and an absolute pleasure to watch. As a writing/directing/acting team, Bungard, Hipwell and Watts have hit upon a successful formula that many creators have searched for in vain. Check Zomblogalypse out on their website or on YouTube!


By Kyle Price-Livingston

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