Jedi Camp

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It’s a pleasure to come across a series that is suitable for all ages, and Jedi Camp fills that bill perfectly.  Creator William Ostroff’s homage to Star Wars takes place at a summer camp devoted to teaching young campers the ways of the Force. The kids are taught martial arts, yoga, and of course, the all-important lightsaber skills.

Lucas (Stuart Allen) is not having the best time at summer camp. He’s being picked on by the resident bully, Andy (Andy Scott Harris). Through the techniques being taught at Jedi Camp, he is able to focus his powers and learn how to deal with bullies.

A talented cast of children and adults, the judicious use of special effects, and a terrific soundtrack all contribute to this enjoyable series. Each of the six episodes clock in at about five minutes, making it possible for viewers of all ages to enjoy a binge watch without getting bored. The anti-bullying message comes through without being too heavy-handed, and provides a great way for parents to initiate conversation on the subject with their kids.

Don’t be surprised if your children watch Jedi Camp to the point of memorizing it. It’s just that good.

Tune in on YouTube, or on the Jedi Camp website, where you’ll also find more about the show, its cast and crew!


By Susan Siniawsky

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