Los Desenterrados (The Unearthed)

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Most parents will do anything to save the life of their child. We have all heard of a parent running into a burning house, diving into the ocean, donating an organ, all to ensure the survival of their flesh and blood.

Taking a page from Dr. Frankenstein’s playbook, Dr.Sámuels  (Christian Stamm) resurrects the dead in hopes of bringing his young daughter our of her comatose state.

Along with his assistant Albert (Juanma Mallen), Dr. Sámuels digs up bodies of the recently deceased and bring the bodies back to his compound. By means of special intravenous potions and well timed electroshock, Dr. Sámuels brings the dead back to life. He apparently has great success, as there are quite a few ‘unearthed’ beings living in his compound.

As witnessed by staff psychologist Nicole (María Minaya), a side effect of living again is amnesia. Two of the most recently resurrected, Oliver (Juanan Lucena) and Nataly (Jessica Alonso), may be having other side effects as well. What does this portend for Dr. Sámuels’ young daughter if he is successful in bringing her out of her coma?

At this point your suspension of disbelief may be sorely tried, but I think I have figured out Dr. Sámuels method. One clue lies in the short window of time that he has to disinter the deceased. The second clue is the eerie version of the ‘Dreidel Song’ used at the start of each episode. Perhaps the unearthed are all Jewish? Jewish law dictates that the deceased not be embalmed and to be buried within 24 hours.

Creator Xavi Cortés has a subtle touch.  We are not assaulted by gore or monsters. We are given an all too frightening premise, that of a desperately ill child, and to what lengths her father will go to save her.

Los Desenterrados is a lovely little gem of a series. Five episodes of five minutes make for fine viewing when you need that little shot of horror. Don’t let the Spanish scare you ­ that’s what subtitles are for.

Watch Los Desenterrados (The Unearthed) on their cool website.

By Susan Siniawsky

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