47 Secrets to a Younger You

Posted by WebVee on November 13, 2015 in Spotlight

47 secrets

Attention fellow Millennials: though we are currently young and mostly childless THAT WILL CHANGE. There will come a time when an afternoon lunch with our friends qualifies as a vacation, when the toys that clutter our shelves and floors are no longer retro reminders of the days of yore but are rather actual toys being played with by actual children who we actually have to feed and house and not allow to catch on fire.

47 Secrets to a Younger You is a warm, witty comedy about 2 moms, Julie and Karma (played by series creators Laura Frenzer and Rohana Kenin, respectively) living in Brooklyn dealing with the challenges of family life and the approach of middle age. It is, in other words, like watching one of the\ million web series about young people living in Brooklyn trying to get jobs and figure out how to be grown ups…only the show has now been on for 20 years and our characters are in their 40s. It’s like watching Broad City in the future. It’s a great time.

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By Kyle Price-Livingston

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