Jeff’s Faves of 2015

Posted by WebVee on December 17, 2015 in Columns

Jeff’s Faves of 2015

Unlike past years’ Faves list, I’m not doing a list of favorite shows from 2015.  Instead, 2015 was full of moments and events that will make the year memorable.  In no particular order, here are my favorites of 2015

Daniela DiIorio became a partner at WebVee Guide

The webstream of the Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well shows, especially the first night in Santa Clara.  The second set was a setlist for the ages: Cryptical -> Dark Star -> St. Stephen -> The Eleven  -> Turn On Your Lovelight -> What’s Become of the Baby -> The Other One -> Morning Dew.  After that, it didn’t matter what they played the other four nights.

Sharing the baseball season with Tina Cesa Ward and Rob Gokee.

Finally meeting and talking with Piper and Monique and the cast of Frequency.

Meeting up with Tom and Dipu from Pantsless Detective, and Amy Hoff (Caledoniain Miami.  We’ll make it a point to spend more time together next year.

Anyone But Me Lost Scenes.  Tina Cesa Ward and Susan Miller up to their usual brilliance.  I loved the sparse staging that allowed all focus to be on the dialogue and actors.

Having Leon, Bruce, Lawrence and Curt from Old Dogs & New Tricks on the re-boot of the No-Name Game Show.  These guys are great.

Meeting Melissa and Theresa from Or So the Story Goes.  They are delightful and fun and engaging, and were also wonderful guests on the No-Name Game Show.

All the Web Fests we attended in 2015; Vancouver, San Francisco, Hollyweb, ISA (for which we provided the livestream), IAWTV, Raindance, Miami and Bilbao.

Drinks with Rose and Oliver from Gifted and Bilbao WebFest on Miami Beach on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Dinner with Brett Snelgrove in Miami.

Working even more with Sue Clarke, working with Chris Rithin and Jay Oliver Yip at Wolfpack Productions, and working more with Chris Munns.  It’s wonderful to have you guys as our UK and European team.

And bookending all of this ——-  Rachael Hip-Flores joining the WebVee Guide team.  It’s going to be great working with Rachael on producing her podcast, The Ramble.  We have some really cool things planned for 2016.

My final Fave, We’re Still Here, and we’re looking forward to everything we can bring you in the coming year.

See Y’all next year!

Jeff Siniawsky

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