“Q’s One Night Stands” Delivers on Satisfaction

Posted by WebVee on February 12, 2016 in Review


By Jeanette Bonner

Q’s One Night Stands is a comedic webseries about one man’s streak of attempted one-night stands with attractive women that ultimately lead nowhere.  Dream come true or worst nightmare?  Probably depends on your gender and your general opinion of one-night stands overall.  

But I can probably guarantee you one response:  When someone says, “I’m gonna make a webseries!” nowadays, the almost autopilot reaction is:  “Yeah, you and everyone else.”  And if you followed that by saying “….about one-night stands!” you might as well get in line.  There are as many webseries about being single, dating, and getting laid as there are new dating apps to hit the App Store.  Let’s be real, the subject isn’t exactly. . . new.   And it might even seem t0 some cliché.  


Dude Filmmaker:  “So I’m gonna make a webseries about a guy who has a bunch of one-night stands.”

Female Audience:  “So you can get women naked and watch them make out on camera, all in the name of comedy?  How original.”  {Cleans up dripping pool of sarcasm.}


While you don’t have to wonder why a male writer/ director created a web series where the whole premise is unclothing a different woman every episode, it does take a lot of bravery to take your pants off over and over again on camera – literally and figuratively.  Unlike many series creators, Terrence L. Moore is not in the series himself; he cast actor Kee Seymore in the title role, and the series is probably better for it.  This actor has both the joy and the challenge of repeatedly getting down to his skivvies on camera, but neither creator nor actor are afraid to make themselves (or men in general) look awful, awkward, single-minded, unsexy, and certainly not as suave as every man believes himself to be in the bedroom.

Despite what you might assume, Q’s One Night Stands is surprisingly not self-indulgent for a series about a guy that just wants to get laid, with spot-on writing, great comedic performances by a talented and diverse cast, and several laugh-out-loud moments.  I especially loved how very different all the one-night stand scenarios were, which were addictive and made me want to watch about twenty more episodes.  What zany situations would Q find himself in next?!?

Look.  By virtue of being a woman, I kinda wanted to hate this Quintin, whom we literally know nothing about except the fact that he’s (presumably) single and definitely straight, and prefers boxer briefs.  I couldn’t name a single redeemable quality except that he’s absolutely charming in his 100% desire to just GET LAID ALREADY!  But by the end of the series’ six short episodes,  I was surprised to find myself rooting for him – Go, Q, go! – to succeed.  

For a webseries created about a man that makes it his prerogative to sleep around, it has a quiet charm and surprising heart, which sneaks in when you last expect it.  Blink and you’ll miss it, but there’s a moment in Episode 5, “The Negotiator,” where Q is brought into a couple’s cheating tit-for-tat agenda, where he exasperatedly utters, “Every time I go home with a woman I just…”  

The sentence is left hanging, or perhaps he’s interrupted, but whether coitus interruptus or left unfinished and unsatisfied, the notion stays with us:  You can search and search, and you may never find exactly what it is you are looking for.  But it’s best enjoyed when we can step back and laugh at ourselves by realizing all the ridiculous things we humans do just in trying to have sex.

Until the next opportunity arises.  Then, it’s game on all over again.  

Watch Q’s One Night Stands  on the show’s website.

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