Three Sketch Comedies To Get You Through The Day

Posted by WebVee on May 25, 2016 in Review

When you have a few minutes and you need a good laugh to get you through the day, we have three suggestions for you: the sexy Brazilian Oposto do Sexo, the eccentric British import #Sketchpack and the cross-cultural comedy Yukata Cowboy!


Not tonight, dear, I…

1- am too tired. 

2- have a headache. 

3- have to get up early.

If you’ve ever been in a long-term relationship, all of the above excuses for not making love will sound familiar. 

Hilariously acted by Tatiana Sobral and Daniel Archangelo, the Brazilian series Oposto do Sexo goes above and beyond the usual, and has come up with 85 (!) imaginative excuses for not having sex. Each short episode depicts Sobral and Archangelo in bed, one partner in the mood for love and the other not so much. The Attempts at sex are as varied as one could imagine, from bad dreams to in-laws to the World Cup, and so many more. 

Deftly written and directed by Leandro Silva, watch Oposto do Sexo on YouTube with someone you love. (In Portuguese with English subtitles) 

Listen to our interview with Leandro Silva to find out if he based the series on personal experience! Oposto do Sexo


#Sketchpack is a London collective making sketches about… whatever best suits them, really. Wolfpack Productions’ – not actual wolves, as far as we know – Christopher Rithin, Jay Oliver Yip and Vanessa Mayfield provide a platform for more than 20 of London’s funniest and most talented web creators to join forces and make some very funny videos. Concepts range from the routine, such as how to end an argument, to the eccentric, like the Easter Bunny selling eggs door-to-door and Uranus Zombie Attacks Mars. The end result is an absurdly funny showcase of some of the most talented people in London’s webseries community (look for WebVee’s own Susan E. Clarke in Box Set of Dreams). Watch the sketches on the Wolfpack Productions channels on YouTube and Daily Motion.


Atsushi Ogata is truly a citizen of the world. Clad in cowboy hat and yukata (Japanese kimono), Ogata’s experiences traveling around the globe are the basis for his sketch comedy Yukata Cowboy. What sets this series apart from other comedy or travel shows is Ogata’s portrayal of all the characters in each sketch. This unique approach draws laughs as he does his best to fit into each environment in which he finds himself. 

In Yukata Cowboy, veteran filmmaker Ogata has created a likable character on a shoestring budget. Now in its third season, the series continues to collect laurels at web fests around the world. Watch English or Japanese versions of Yukata Cowboy on YouTube

Listen to our interview with Atsushi Ogata to find out more about Yukata Cowboy

By WebVee Staff

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