The Concession

Posted by WebVee on June 9, 2016 in Spotlight


This turbulent election cycle has seen more than its share of concession speeches: the good, the bad, the absurd. In comedy sketch The Concession, Kate Hackett Productions presents a new variant: the very, very personal. Carl thinks he’s straightforwardly breaking up with the woman he’s dating, but she has other ideas, and she isn’t about to let him have the last word. If her relationship really has to be over, she’s at least going make him listen to very thorough concession speech.

“I love this piece and I think it’s so timely; we have politicians refusing to concede, and when they do it’s fairly ridiculous,” says writer and star Kate Hackett of her inspiration for The Concession.”I love the idea of someone giving a concession speech at the end of their relationship; it’s weird, it’s funny, and so topical.”

The Concession was written and produced by Kate Hackett (creator, writer, and star of Classic Alice) and directed by Josh Compton (Classic Alice). It stars Kate Hackett along with Brendan Bradley of Pemberley Digital’s Frankenstein M.D. Kate Hackett Productions, home of innovative literary webseries Classic Alice, presents limited run webseries as well as sketches, short films, and more on its YouTube channel.

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