The Pantsless Detective Season 3

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Big news The Pantsless Detective fans! Season 3 of the Austin, Texas – based comedy noir series is right around the corner. The latest season of this popular, online comedy web series will debut June 27, and will also be featured in the 2016 Austin WebFest.

Originally released in 2013, The Pantsless Detective series mixes the moodiness and style of film noir crime drama with the wackiness of Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker-style spoof humor. Pantsless sends up well-worn noir tropes such as the truehearted secretary, the femme fatale, and the world-weary detective Richard Panceliss, late of the city police force.

The Pantsless Detective has garnered several nominations and awards for writing, acting, cinematography, original music, film editing and acting, including: LAWEBFEST 2014 and 2015, Vancouver Webfest 2014, Miami Webfest 2014 and 2015, Atlanta Webfest 2014, NYC Webfest 2014 and 2015, Vancouver Webfest 2015 Official Selection, Rome Web Awards, KWebFest 2015, Sicily Webfest 2015, UK Webfest 2015, Dublin Webfest, Brooklyn Webfest 2015, Bilbao Webfest, and Rio Webfest 2015. It was a top 10 finisher and highest ranked U.S. show in the 2015 Web Series World Cup. Already in 2016, the show was garnered 13 merit 2 excellence nominations in the Rome Web Awards.

Cast and produced in Austin, Pantsless features co-creator Tom Chamberlain, as the anachronistic, hard-boiled, noir detective Richard Panceliss, and co-creator Dipu Bhattacharya, as the long-suffering intern Smitty. Veteran Austin actresses Amy Lewis, Rebecca Robinson, and Martina Olhauser, portray Temperance Friday, the true-hearted secretary, Constance Trustworthy, the old flame, and Phem Faye Tall, the wild card, respectively. Brian Sierer and John Stanhope round out the main cast as Sgt. McAdams, Panceliss’ rival from the police force, and the Thug, a minion of a mysterious crime kingpin. The cast also features Craig Kanne (nominated for 2016 Rome Web Awards Excellence Award), Kevin Smith and Tony Salinas.

In Season 3, “Framed by the Past,” Dick agrees to help a mysterious woman from his past, leading to a long chase off a short cliff, a charge of murder, kidnapping by a mysterious crime kingpin, and the Kiss of Death!  Meanwhile series regulars Temperance Friday, Smitty and Sgt. McAdams team up to spring the gumshoe. Things wrap up, but not before the mystery woman becomes a whole new problem for The Pantsless Detective.

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